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Pallets of Love, Inc. History:
 Pallets of Love began in January of 2016 when a friend pastoring in Burley, Idaho called and wanted to know if our church would like to give away a full semi-truck load of Chobani Yogurt. We accepted the yogurt and had our very first giveaway. Soon after that we were connected to Midwest Food Bank and began to receive "rescued" food. This is food that manufacture's overproduced and will not be able to sell to consumers before the expiration dates. So, rather than transport it to the dump and waste it, they donate it. The only cost for us is to have the food shipped by trucking. We are under a strict agreement that we "cannot sell any of the food donated & all of the food is given away to the community, with NO STRINGS ATTACHED." So far, we have received food from the Salt Lake Valley Utah area, the Tri-Cities Washington area, Twin Falls and Burley, Idaho areas. The donations vary from vitamins, potato products, ice cream, jerky, yogurt, water, chocolate, peanut butter, BBQ sauce,
and clothing, just to name a few.
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